It’s been a while since I’ve done any work on my website. Well, actually it’s been three years since I’ve added anything to my blog. During those three years I’ll have been heard lecturing my clients, or indeed anyone who’ll listen, at length, on the importance of regular and relevant blog updates. My new years resolution is to practice what I preach, so the site’s had a responsive overhaul and it’s weekly if not daily posts from here on out.

First order of business on my jazzy new blog? That’s easy. Last years big project here at, William Shatner’s Twisted Fairy Tales. Six episodes of adult comedy gold from YouTube ninjas ChannelFlip. Narrated by the legend that is William Shatner, this series of six two minutes episodes was designed and animated by yours truly, over the past four months. What a pleasure and honour it is to be rolling on the same credits with such a rare talent, and icon of popular culture. I should also draw your attention to the stellar performances of these good folks:

Blinders played by all.

Until tomorrow, or maybe next week….